Evan Kirkiles is a student, full stack programmer, and artist at Yale University studying computer science, graduating in May 2024. On the front end, his work examines advanced usages of web and desktop technology for visualizations and custom machines. On the back end, Evan delivers optimized database communication and cloud computing functionality to produce effective, scalable applications. He desires to make intelligent machines with the ability to sustain a visual and aesthetic identity beyond what they're hard coded with.

Evan's resume can be found here.


3D, 2D visualsDockerized Blender cloud rendering, Blender Pythonic plugin development, Vulkan graphics pipelines, Three.js web 3D scenes, uPlot 60-FPS timeseries plotting, Unity.
Website / frontend developmentNext.js, React.js, HTML/CSS/JS, TypeScript, Svelte, responsive design, dashboarding, serverless setups, query caching.
Database / server architecturePostgreSQL, SQL, query optimization, GraphQL, Flask, FastAPI, Python, Go, Express, Node.js, AWS (Lambda, EC2, S3, RDS, Cognito, Amplify), GCP, Azure, Supabase.
Desktop application developmentC, C++, C#, Java, Qt, cross-platform applications, CMake, GCC, Clang, GDB.


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